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How often should I clean the garage door?

It's always preferable to clean garage doors after winter time. Actually, it's good to keep all garage door parts clean at all times. Take garage door tracks, for example. If there are rocks, tree sticks, and other things stuck at tracks, the rollers will stop and the door will jam according to our experts.

How do I choose garage door parts?

All garage door parts must be chosen in relation to the characteristics of the garage door with particular attention to its weight. Components must have enough strength to move the heavy door and so their size, material, thickness, and other characteristics vary in order to accommodate homeowners with garage doors of different size.

Can my neighbor's remote control open my garage door?

If your opener doesn't have rolling-code technology, then it is possible that another remote control can open your garage door. Newer models of remote controls feature access codes that change each time the opener is used. This prevents "code grabbing" by potential burglars. If you are unsure about your remote control, give our technicians a call to determine the type of remote control you're using. We can also check your door for potential problems and make sure it performs perfectly for you and your family.

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