Residential Style Garage Doors

Residential Style Garage Doors

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When it comes to residential garage doors, there is a wealth of styles to choose from. You can go with a traditional look or a more contemporary style door. Both will complement the home quite well. There are wood, steel, and even fiberglass materials at your disposal. Below are a few of the most popular styles and designs used by many homeowners across the country.Residential Style Garage Doors

Raised Design

The raised panel style provides depth to your overhead garage door. They typically come in long and short panel choices. They have an edge that is recessed, however the inside surface of the panel slight protrudes, giving the door more definition.

Recessed Design

Recessed garage door paneldesigns offer the construction of the old fashion wooden frame with panel. They possess a grained wood finish that makes them just as appealing as other door styles. They have a look of beauty and can really compliment the home from a curbside view.

Flushed Design

Unlike the traditional door style, flushed panel doors have a contemporary appeal. The fine lines of such as garage door style offers elegance, especially if windows are mounted as well. A lot of high end homes have this type of door or something similar to it.

Carriage Design

The carriage designed door offers a beautiful traditional collection that provides elegance and a touch of class to the home’s décor. Many traditional American style homes have this type of garage door. Colonial style homes are really complimented by such a door style. They are intricately crafted and quality made. This style comes in all of the desired material such as strong steel, durable and light fiberglass, or a beautiful rich look of natural wood. Contact any garage door company in Aliso Viejo for recommended designs for your home.

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